Questionable Sources


A questionable source exhibits one or more of the following: extreme bias, consistent promotion of propaganda/conspiracies, poor or no sourcing to credible information, a complete lack of transparency and/or is fake news. Fake News is the deliberate attempt to publish hoaxes and/or disinformation for the purpose of profit or influence (Learn More). Sources listed in the Questionable Category may be very untrustworthy and should be fact checked on a per article basis. Please note sources on this list are not considered fake news unless specifically written in the reasoning section for that source.
24 News
100 Percent Fed Up
247 News Media
70 News
Action News 3
Activist Mommy
Age of Shitlords
Alabama Observer
Alpha News
Allen West Republic
Alliance Defending Freedom
All News Pipeline
Alternative Media Syndicate
America Talks
American College of Pediatricians
American Fans
American Patriot Daily
American Family Association
American Flavor
American Freedom Fighters
American Journal Review
American Lookout
American News
American People Network
American Prides
American Principles Project
American Renaissance
American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP)
American Thinker
American Today
American Truth Seekers
American Updater
Americans Against the Tea Party (AATTP)
Americans for Truth (AFTAH)
Amity Underground
anews-24 (American News)
A Voice for Men
Banned Information
Bare Naked Islam
Before It’s News
Big Blue Vision
Bipartisan Report
Black Eye Politics
Black Genocide
Black Pigeon Speaks
Blue Dot Daily
Blue Informer
Blue Tribune
Blue Vision Post
Blunt Force Truth
Borderland Alternative Media (BAM)
Britain First
Canada Free Press
Center for Immigration Studies (CIS)
Centre for Research of Radicalism and National Security (CRRNS)
Cerno (
China Daily
Christian Action Network
Church Militant
Clarion Project
Clash Daily
CNS News
Concerned Women for America
Conservative Army
Conservative Buzz
Conservative Byte
Conservative Daily Post
Conservative Fighters
Conservative Firing Line
Conservative Free Press
Conservative Info Corner
Conservative Media
Conservative Movement
Conservative Nation
Conservative News Flash
Conservative 101
Conservative Patriot
Conservative Politicus
Conservative Post
Conservative Spirit
Conservative Tribune
Conspiracy Inquirer
Constitution Rising
Council of Conservative Citizens
Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)
Daily Buzz Live
Daily Headlines
Daily Infobox
Daily Insider News
Daily Mail
Daily Notify
Daily Political Newswire
Daily Presser
Daily Stormer
Daily USA Update
Daily World Information
Danger and Play
David Horowitz Freedom Center
DC Blue Dot
DC Dirty Laundry
Defend Europa
Defiant America
Democratic Moms
Democratic Review
Denver Guardian
Departed (
Deplorable Movement 2020
DC Alert
DC Gazette
Discover the Networks
Donald Trump News
Donald Trump Potus 45
Draining the Swamp
Drudge Report
Eagle Rising
Earth News-Conservative News
Empire Herald
Ending the Fed News
ENH Live
En Volve
Exposing Government
Fact-Check Turkey
Facts Wanted
Family Research Council
Fars News
Federalist Nation
Federalist Tribune
Flash News Corner
Flex Mag (
Florida Sun-Post
Focus on the Family
Freakout Nation
Free Patriot Post
Free Speech Time
Freedom Daily
Freedom Liberty News
Freedom’s Final Stand
Freedom News Report
FreedomProject Media
Fresh News – USA
Frontpage Magazine
Fury News
Geller Report
Geology In
Girls Just Wanna Have Guns
Global Info Today
Global Politics Now
Globe Magazine (Tabloid)
Godfather Politics
Gone Left
GOD (Good Lord Above)
GOP Watchdog
Great American Republic
Hang the Bankers
Hard News
Hawar News Agency
Heartland Institute
Hogg Watch
Identity Evropa
I Hate the Media
If You Only News
I have the Truth
I, Hypocrite
Illicit Info
I Love My Freedom
iTag Live
Information Liberation
Informed Owners
Institute for Historical Review (IHR)
International Organization for the Family (IOF)
Israel Video Network
Jew Watch
Jihad Watch
Joe for America
Jookos News
Judicial Watch
Just the Facts
Knights Templar International
Korean Central News Agency (KCNA)
Lady Liberty News
Learn Progress
Left Exposed
Lew Rockwell
Liberal Plug
Liberal Society
Liberal Speak
Liberty Alliance
Liberty Brief
Liberty Courier
Liberty is Viral
Liberty Writers News
London Web News
Mad American Network
Mad World News
MAGA Daily Report
MBGA – Make Britain Great Again
Media Zone
Middle East Forum (MEF)
Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)
MILO News (Milo Yiannopoulos)
Molon Labe Media
Moving Left
Mr. Conservative (MRC)
My Right American
National Alliance
National Economic Editorial
National Enquirer
National Policy Institute
National Vanguard
Native Americans
Native American News
Nevo News
New Century Times
News and Stories from USA
News Conservative
New Nation News
New Politics Today
News Blaze
News Chicken
News Feed Hunter
News Procession
News Punch
News Up Today
News With Views
Nos Comunicamos
Oath Keepers
Occupy Democrats
Online Conservative Press
Open Magazines
Opposition Report
Our Eye on Islam
Overpasses for America
Pacific Pundit
Patriot Beacon
Patriot Beat
Patriotic Express
Patribotics Blog
Patriot Crier
Patriot Fires
Patriot Hangout
Patriot Journal
Patriot Update
Patriotic Viral News
Patriots Voice
Personal Liberty
Plymouth Patriot Post
PM Nightly News
Police Times
Political Ears
Political Inbox
Political Mayhem News
Political Site News
Politico Info
Politics Live
Politifact News
Powdered Wig Society
President 45 Donald Trump (American News)
Pro-America News
Progress Tribune
Progressives Today
Project Purge
Proud Conservative
Proud Leader
Proud Patriots
Puppet String News
React 365
Read Conservatives
Reagan Coalition
Real Time Politics
Red Country
Red Ice TV
Red Info
Red People
Red Politics
Red Rock Daily News
Red Rock Tribune
Red State Journalist
Red State Pundit
Red State Watcher
Red, White and Right
Renew America
Resistance Report
Return of Kings
Right Alerts
Right Journalist
Right Smarts
Right Wing News (
Right Wing News (
Right Wing Tribune
Rodong Sinmun (North Korea)
RT News
Ruth Institute
Santa Monica Observer
Shared News Report
Sharia Watch UK
Sick Chirpse
South Africa Today
South Jersey Mechanic (Trump News)
Sputnik News
Stares at the World
State Fort Daily
State of the Nation 2012
Steadfast and Loyal
Stone Cold Truth
Studio News Network
Subject Politics
Summit News
Sunday Inquirer
Supreme Patriot
Sure News
Syria News
Taki’s Magazine
Tea Party Inc.
TD Newswire
Teddy Stick
Tell Me Now
The African Exponent
The American Mirror
The Angry Patriot
The Boston Tribune
The Buffalo Chronicle
The Conservative Brief
The Constitution
The D.C. Clothesline
The Daily Bell
The Deplorable Society
The Deplorables
The Duran
The Federalist Papers Project
The Federation for American Immigration Reform
The Free Patriot
The Free Telegraph
The Gateway Pundit
The Goldwater
The Horn News
The Last Resistance
The Liberty Eagle
The Millennium Report
The National Patriot
The National Pulse
The New Observer
The News Guru
The New York Evening
The Other 98%
The Peoples Truth
The Political Tribune
The Politics Online
The Premium News
The Proud Liberal
The Religion of Peace
The Remnant Magazine
The Rightists
The Right Stuff
The Science News Reporter
The Trump Media
The Truth Division
The Unz Review
The US Patriot
The USA Conservative
The Washington Feed
The Washington Reporter
Think Americana
Times of America
Today Dispatch
Top Right News
Top Topic
Truth and Action
True Activist
True Blue Scoop
True Trumpers
True Viral News
Trumpservative News
Truth Examiner
Truth In Media
Truth Monitor
Truth Revolt
Truth Uncensored
Turning Point USA
Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children
Underground Journalist
Understanding the Threat
Unique Web Magazine
Universe Politics
US Advisor
U.S. Chronicle
U.S. Herald
US Info News
US Journal Review
US Postman
USA Conservative Report
USA Daily Post
USA Daily Review
USA Daily Time
USA Dose News
USA in Front
USA Newsflash
USA News for You
USA News/Politics USA News
USA News/States-TV
USA Politics Now
USA Public Life
USA Really
USA Supreme
USA Television
USA Viral News Today
USA World Box
US National News
Vanguard America
Vatican Radio
Viral Liberty
Viral Patriot
Voice of Europe
Walk With Her
Web Daily
We Conservative
Western Sentinel
Winning Democrats
Witherspoon Institute
WND (World Net Daily)
Woke Sloth
World News Politics
WorldPolitics News
World Politicus
Yes, I’m Right
Zox (

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