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A questionable source exhibits one or more of the following: extreme bias, consistent promotion of propaganda/conspiracies, poor or no sourcing to credible information, a complete lack of transparency, and/or is fake news. Fake News is the deliberate attempt to publish hoaxes and/or disinformation for profit or influence (Learn More). Sources listed in the Questionable Category may be very untrustworthy and should be fact-checked on a per-article basis. Please note sources on this list are not considered fake news unless specifically written in the reasoning section for that source. See all Questionable sources.

  • Overall, we rate Def-Con News extreme right-biased and Questionable based on the promotion of propaganda, conspiracy theories, poor sourcing, false claims, and lack of transparency.

Detailed Report

Questionable Reasoning: Poor Sourcing, Conspiracy Theories, Propaganda, False Claims, Lack of Transparency
Bias Rating: FAR RIGHT
Factual Reporting: LOW
Country: USA
Press Freedom Rating: MOSTLY FREE
Media Type: Website
Traffic/Popularity: Minimal Traffic
MBFC Credibility Rating: LOW CREDIBILITY


Founded in 2018, Def-Con News is a conservative news and opinion website. According to their about page, “Def-Con News is conservative news, definitely. It’s also conservative news defiantly because we’re out to counter the liberal media push to demonize conservatives and silence conservative points of view.” They also state, “The information and breaking news on Def-Con News are 100% true and properly sourced. There are no conspiracy theories and wild speculation here; the left is crazy enough that we don’t need to make things up. Fake news is for the mainstream liberal media; DFC is real news for real conservatives.”

The website lacks transparency as they do not disclose editors or ownership.

Read our profile on the United States government and media.

Funded by / Ownership

Def-Con News does not disclose ownership. Advertising and donations generate revenue.

Analysis / Bias

Def-Con News does not report original news but rather opines from a far-right perspective on news stories. News is broken down into the following categories: CrazyJoe, KamalToe, NastyNancy, Leftist Violence, Democrats, Guns, America Haters, and The Purge. In reviewing articles in the America Haters category, it is evident that anyone who is LGBTQ, anti-racist, or a Democrat hates America U.S. WOMEN’S SOCCER TEAM ELIMINATED BUT STILL TAKE GOLD FOR HATING AMERICA. The about page claims that articles are 100% true and properly sourced; perhaps that is true if you consider the Gateway Pundit a proper source. We don’t.

Editorially, all stories favor the right and frequently promote false and misleading conspiracy theories. For example, they report the baseless claim that the Presidential Election was stolen from Donald Trump ELECTIONS EXPERT SETH KESHEL RELEASES NATIONAL FRAUD NUMBERS: FINDS 8.1 MILLION EXCESS VOTES IN US ELECTION, AFFIRMS TRUMP WON PA, MI, WI, NV, AZ, GA AND MN. This story is false. Further, they promote covid-19 anti-vaccination propaganda such as this THE REGIME UNLEASHES THE NEEDLE NAZIS. In general, Def-Con News lacks credibility as it frequently promotes far-right propaganda and conspiracy theories that are not true.

Failed Fact Checks

  • A third-party fact-checker has not checked them.

Overall, we rate Def-Con News extreme right-biased and Questionable based on the promotion of propaganda, conspiracy theories, poor sourcing, false claims, and lack of transparency. (D. Van Zandt 9/6/2021)


Last Updated on May 22, 2023 by Media Bias Fact Check

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