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Reasoning: Left, Misleading
Country: United Kingdom
World Press Freedom Rank: UK 40/180


Founded in February 2018, The Science News Reporter is a website that reports on science news. This website does not have an about page or a contact page and there is zero names associated with articles.

Funded by / Ownership

The Science News Reporter does not disclose ownership and is funded through excessive online advertising.

Analysis / Bias

The Science News Reporter is interesting because they certainly take a pro-science stance. For example, they accept the consensus of science with vaccinations as well as climate change. However, they also publish highly misleading headlines such as this: ASTEROID AS POWERFUL AS 50 MEGATON NUKE MAY SLAM INTO EARTH IN 2023 – NASA. The headline makes it sound like an asteroid may slam into the earth, however in the article they provide a quote that contradicts the headline “NASA scientists estimate that the asteroid has a one in 30 million chance of having an impact with the planet and has a 99.9999967 percent chance of missing us in the occasion it does stroll too close to home.” In other words, this is a clickbait headline that originates from the tabloid Daily Express, which has failed fact checks. In other articles, they republish straight from other sources such as the Washington Post. The Science News Reporter also uses loaded wording in stories that is negative toward the right and their positions on science. While this site generally seems to support science, they are often very misleading and sometimes use poor sources.

Overall, we rate The Science News Reporter Questionable based on zero information regarding ownership or mission. We also assign the questionable rating due to misleading headlines and poor sourcing. (D. Van Zandt 12/6/2018)

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