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Use the tabs in the menu above to look at sources in different bias categories or use the search bar on the logo/header to find your source’s bias.  If your source is not listed please let us know via email. If the source you searched for is listed as “Sources Pending” please do not submit it as it has already been submitted and will get done in the near future.

Source submission guidelines: All sources must have a proper website.  Please do not submit Facebook Pages/Groups unless they have an outside website for us to verify. Please make sure the website is related to politics in some way. Use the email form below to provide as much detail as possible as this will help speed up our review process. The information you provide will not determine the rating, but it may give us some background information to work with.

When were they founded? Who founded them? What do they do?
Who owns them? How are they funded and by whom? How do they generate revenue?
Provide supporting evidence of bias?
What is your impression of the bias for this source?


Last Updated on June 30, 2023 by Media Bias Fact Check

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