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  • Overall, we rate Femalista strongly left-biased and Questionable based on poor sourcing of information and a complete lack of transparency regarding authors and ownership.

Detailed Report

Reasoning: Poor Sourcing, Lack of Transparency
Country: USA
World Press Freedom Rank: USA 45/180


Founded in 2017, Femalista is a feminist news and opinion website affiliated with the Facebook page Women’s Rights News. According to their about page “We promote and advocate an array of topics from global gender equality, feminism, gay rights, shaming & bullying, body-positive & acceptance, rape, rape culture, victim-blaming, reproductive rights / pro-choice, women’s health, domestic & sexual abuse, survivor & victim stories, SHEroes, human rights, gender pay gap and so much more.

Other than an about page the website lacks transparency as they do not disclose ownership, editors, or authors.

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Funded by / Ownership

Femalista does not openly state ownership, however, on the terms and conditions page, it indicates they are controlled by Perfect Insight, Inc. A search for this company reveals they were dissolved in 2017. Revenue is derived through advertising.

Analysis / Bias

In review, Femalista breaks news down into categories such as Women, Activism, Beauty & Health, Body & Love, LGBT, Parenting, and Politics. Story selection favors a liberal perspective and utilizes moderately loaded emotional wording such as this Judge Rules Women’s Soccer Can Continue Earning Less Than Men, Even If They Do More Work. This story, like most, is published by the anonymous WRN Editor and is sourced to a Twitter video. A review of several articles indicates they do not source information properly.

Editorially, Femalista leans strongly left advocating for LGBT and women’s rights as well as holding pro-choice positions such as this Women’s Rights Groups Concerned That Polish Conservative Government Will Tighten Abortion Rights During COVID-19 Crisis. Further, they reject racism How Racism In US Health System Hinders Care And Costs Lives Of African Americans, and promote concern for human-influenced climate change Guy Argues That “Social Justice Warriors” Can’t Prove Global Warming Is Real, Gets Destroyed By Facts. Finally, they often report negatively on Conservatives and President Trump such as this 8-Year-Old Girl Scaled President Trump’s “Virtually Impenetrable” Border Wall. In general, story selection almost always favors the left, and while most stories are factual it is difficult to prove the veracity of claims due to poor sourcing.

Failed Fact Checks

  • None to date

Overall, we rate Femalista strongly left-biased and Questionable based on poor sourcing of information and a complete lack of transparency regarding authors and ownership. (D. Van Zandt 7/13/2020)

Source: https://www.femalista.com/

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