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The following sources are pending review
(Some sources might not be added based on a variety of factors)
(Click on the links below at your own risk. We have not verified them and some may lead to undesirable websites)

What do the codes mean? Scroll to the bottom of the page to find out

We are frequently asked what the codes mean. These codes are for our researchers. Each source that is sent to us for review is looked at and quickly vetted to see if it is appropriate for review. For example, a source must have 10K page views or more per month or have the potential to get that many. Some of our reviewers specialize in different types of sources, for example, one reviewer is excellent at evaluating foreign sources and another has a science background and is excellent at spotting pseudoscience, etc. The codes give them a heads up as to what type of source it may be. Again, this is a very brief vetting, and many times the source may turn out differently than the codes listed. In other words, don’t trust the codes.

*Over one million page views per month
**Over 10 million page views
***Over 50 million page views
1= Conspiracy
2= Pseudoscience
3= Pro-Science
4= Satire
5= Print media (newspapers, magazines, etc)
6= Not from the USA (foreign source)
7= Questionable (fake, extreme bias)
8= An organization or foundation
9= Online media source

+ is top secret (So don’t ask)

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