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  • Overall, we rate the Tehran Times Questionable based on poor sourcing of information and the promotion of Government propaganda and conspiracy theories.

Detailed Report

Reasoning: Poor Sourcing, State Propaganda, Conspiracy
Country: Iran
World Press Freedom Rank: Iran 170/180


Launched in 1979, the Tehran Times (TT) (not to be mixed with an Iranian fashion blog The Tehran Times (TTT) is an English language daily newspaper from Iran. Hassan Lasjerdiis is the Editor in chief and the headquarters are based in Tehran, Iran.

According to their about page, their general policy is “The Tehran Times is not the newspaper of the government; it must be a loud voice of the Islamic Revolution and the loudspeaker of the oppressed people of the world”

The Tehran Times provides domestic, political, social, foreign, sports news and also includes commentary, national politics, and opinions. The Tehran Times also publishes reports on cultural and religious issues.

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Funded by / Ownership

The Tehran Times is owned and funded by the Islamic Ideology Dissemination Organization (IIDO), which promotes Islamic ideology. The Tehran Times has its own news agency called the Mehr News Agency (MNA). Mehr News Agency and the Russian Sputnik news agency have signed a cooperation agreement in 2018 to share news and analysis products.

Analysis / Bias

Reporters Without Borders has reported Iran as “One of the most oppressive countries” According to a Reporters Without Borders 2018 report, Iran ranks 164 out of 180 countries in the World Press Freedom Index. (one point up from last year’s rank)

According to the PBS Iran media guide the Tehran Times is pro-government. The President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani has moved to the left, placing himself with the reformists during the last election, however, he is still the leader of the Moderation and Development Party, which is classified as “moderate reformists” “modernist right” or “Republican Right.”

In review, the content of headlines and articles use loaded words pertaining to national news such as “General: U.S. will become aware of Iran’s capabilities when it’s late” and “Iran threatens to exit nuclear deal if talks become a ‘waste of time”.  Further, they poorly source their articles by either heavily quoting or utilizing Questionable Iranian sources such as Tasnim and their own news agency, Mehr. In general, the Tehran Times promotes state propaganda and conspiracy theories.

Overall, we rate the Tehran Times Questionable based on poor sourcing of information and the promotion of Government propaganda and conspiracy theories. (M. Huitsing 5/27/2018) Updated (01/20/2020)

Source: https://www.tehrantimes.com/

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