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  • Overall, we rate – Orthodoxy Today as Right Biased and questionable based on promoting pro-Russian propaganda, conspiracy theories, poor sourcing, lack of transparency, and government censorship.

Detailed Report

Questionable Reasoning: Propaganda, Conspiracy, Poor Sourcing, Censorship, Disinformation
Bias Rating: RIGHT
Factual Reporting: MIXED
Country: Russia
Press Freedom Rating: TOTAL OPPRESSION
Media Type: Website
Traffic/Popularity: High Traffic
MBFC Credibility Rating: LOW CREDIBILITY


Launched in 1999, is a Russian-language website that covers news related to the Russian Orthodox Church and other Eastern Orthodox churches’ events, religious holidays, theological discussions, interviews, and political articles. The website also has an English version called Orthodoxy Today at

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Funded by / Ownership

It is difficult to ascertain the exact funding sources of since the funding is not disclosed, but the Russian Orthodox Church owns them.

Analysis / Bias

This review will focus on the English version of the website, as publishes almost identical content. – Orthodoxy Today has a strong bias towards Orthodox Christianity and promotes the teachings and values of the Russian Orthodox Church. The website takes a pro-Kremlin stance on political issues and promotes a pro-Russian perspective and anti-Western sentiment. For example, here is an article criticizing Ukraine “THE PERSECUTED CHURCH IN UKRAINE: HAVE WE LOST OUR COURAGE?” A quote from the article reads, “Saint Gregory Palamas reminds us, the silence of the clergy is atheism. The bishops and the priests in the rest of the world must now speak for the persecuted Orthodox Church in Ukraine, now suffering at the hands of the Ukrainian state at the behest of a schismatic sect.”

In another article, they use strongly loaded wording in praise of Vladimir Putin, such as “VLADIMIR PUTIN: THE NEW WORLD ORDER WORSHIPS SATAN.” The body of the article features quotes from the Questionable Washington Times discussing Vladimir Putin’s stance on religion and traditional values in Russia and portraying him as a defender of Christian values against the “morally bankrupt West.” However, there is no hyperlink provided. A quote from the article reads,” Perhaps Putin is saying enough is enough. And this may be one reason why nearly all the major news outlets have been relentlessly slandering him. Kevin Barrett ended up his excellent article by saying, “God bless President Putin, who is putting the fear of God into the New World Order.” The article utilizes sources and quotes from Patrick J. Buchanan as well. 

Editorially, they hold conservative Christian biases like this “WE’RE TIRED OF GAY PROPAGANDA.” This article also promotes conspiracy theories related to George Soros and globalism:

All this commotion is just a ruse by folks like George Soros to try to stir up trouble in Russia, and to undermine the Putin administration for not letting the global banks come into Russia and rape the economy like what they’ve done here in the U.S. and Western Europe. More meddling by the global corporatist banking elements to undermine any administration brazen enough to stand up to them!! Enough already!!!

In general, – Orthodoxy Today holds strong right-leaning biases, promotes pro-Russian government propaganda and conspiracy theories and relies on poor sources.

Failed Fact Checks

  • None by a third-party fact-checker.

Overall, we rate – Orthodoxy Today as Right Biased and questionable based on promoting pro-Russian propaganda, conspiracy theories, poor sourcing, lack of transparency, and government censorship. (M. Huitsing 03/15/2023)

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