This page breaks down how Media Bias Fact Check LLC is funded. MBFC is a sole proprietor limited liability company (LLC) held by Dave Van Zandt in the State of North Carolina.

Advertising (89%) –  Media Bias Fact Check relies on two third-party advertising companies, Google Adsense and Newor Media. We use third-party advertising because it allows us to be free from influence. Ads are generated by the above providers through the use of cookies, your search history, and the content of the page you are viewing. MBFC in no way has control over the ads you see displayed. Hence, we are not motivated by payment from a single corporation, person, or political party. To successfully earn money from advertising we need consistent page views, therefore our sole mission is to provide quality content that will bring people back to our website.

Update: Due to Coronavirus advertising revenue has decreased by 50-60%. Since advertising is our primary source of revenue we have been hit hard and are finding it difficult to operate the website. With that said, we added a video ad to offset these losses. While it does not recover us fully, it does help blunt the financial blow. We despise pop-up ads as much as you do and we are upset to have to do this. We will be removing this ad when revenues stabilize again.

We really need your support. If you would like to view Media Bias Fact Check without ads, consider signing up for our ad free membership. This supports us financially and gives you a clean browsing experience.

Membership Fees (10%)– We understand that some people may not want to view a website cluttered with advertising, therefore we offer an Ad-Free Browsing Membership at the cost $5 per month or $50 per year. We began this in October of 2019 and have seen an increase in memberships each month. Go ad-free!

Donations (1%) – We offer two ways to donate to Media Bias Fact Check, Patreon, or Paypal. With Patreon, we offer levels of $2, $5, or $10 per month. As of this date (3/01/2021) we have 118 Patrons. With Paypal donations, we only accept donations from individuals. We do not accept money from corporations, businesses, foundations, think tanks, politicians, or political parties. While we do not limit how much one chooses to donate, the maximum donation received in our history was $150 (thank you), with the average donation ranging from $5-10. In a typical month, we will receive around 30 donations. If we ever receive a donation over $1000 we will list it on this page.

Online Shop- Our shop sells branded merchandise as a means of marketing our brand. We do not profit from the sale of merchandise.

Expenses – Media Bias Fact Check has typical expenses for a medium-sized website that generates 2+ million page views per month. Although MBFC is a sole proprietorship that relies on volunteers, we also compensate for work with cash gifts. These gifts will vary based on the amount of work done and our flow of revenue. MBFC also operates a home office with Dave Van Zandt, the editor, and owner, investing 60-80 hours per week on the operation of the website.

Left vs. Right Bias: How we rate the bias of media sources

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