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  • Overall, we rate USA Really a Questionable Source based on the promotion of conspiracy theories and Russian propaganda critical of the USA.

Detailed Report

Reasoning: Right, Russian Propaganda, Conspiracy
Country: Russia
World Press Freedom Rank: Russia 148/180


Launched in May 2018, USA Really is a Moscow based news outlet that claims on their about page: “The USA Really. Wake Up Americans” project is focused to promote crucial information and problems, which are hushed up by the conventional American media controlled by the establishment and oligarchy of the United States.” They further state: “USA Really is a nonprofit media organization dedicated to journalistic accuracy and integrity, providing a voice for ignored and underserved communities, highlighting the best of humanity and delivering local, people-centered coverage on the issues you care about.”

The website was founded by Alexander Malkevich a Russian journalist, who according to NBC News is a member of Russia’s Civic Chamber commission on mass media, an official arm of President Vladimir Putin’s government. NBC News further states that “USA Really is the latest in these (Russian) propaganda efforts.” In June of 2018, Facebook removed USA Really’s page, and according to Malkevich, Twitter has imposed restrictions on its account.

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Funded by / Ownership

The website does not disclose ownership, however, it was founded and is currently run by Alexander Malkevich. USA Really has a donation link for funding and there was not any evidence of online advertising.

Analysis / Bias

In review, USA Really is a right biased Russian propaganda news website that is poorly written, with misspellings and grammatical errors. They frequently use emotionally charged loaded words in headlines and articles such as this: “Zuckerberg’s totalitarian empire has struck USA Really numerous times, blocking our accounts, forcing us to leave the platform where we had so many followers, during the global purge initiated by the censors under the mask of “freedom fighting” and even several times before the so-calledwar on fakes” was declared as the final stage in this ridiculous witch-hunt.” This incomprehensible sentence is riddled with biased emotional wording designed to influence the reader.

Sourcing for articles is minimal and there is only an occasional author attribution for stories published in USA Really. Further, they frequently publish misleading conspiracy stories such this: Trump VS the Deep State: Things Are Heating Up, and this one, Trump Will Win This Round With the Deep State. Both of these articles promote the conspiracy that there is a liberal deep state that is in control and thwarting President Trump at every turn. Further, the latter article comes from American Greatness, which has a Mixed record for factual reporting. In general, USA Really has a very favorable view of President Trump and a negative one for those with a left-leaning ideology.

A factual search reveals that has documented several instances of misleading or false claims by USA Really.

Overall, we rate USA Really a Questionable Source based on the promotion of conspiracy theories and Russian propaganda critical of the USA. (D. Van Zandt 11/21/2018)


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