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  • Overall, we rate We Love Trump extreme right biased and Questionable based on the promotion of conspiracy theories and propaganda and the use of poor sources, a complete lack of transparency, and numerous false or misleading claims.

Detailed Report

Questionable Reasoning: Conspiracy Theories, Propaganda, Poor Sourcing, Lack of Transparency, False Claims
Factual Reporting: VERY LOW
Country: USA
Press Freedom Rank: MOSTLY FREE
Media Type: Website
Traffic/Popularity: Medium Traffic
MBFC Credibility Rating: LOW CREDIBILITY


Founded in 2016, We Love Trump or welovetrump.com is an anonymously run hyperpartisan conservative news and commentary website that frequently promotes pro-Trump propaganda and debunked conspiracy theories.

The website completely lacks transparency as they do not offer an about page, name editors, or disclose ownership.

Read our profile on the United States government and media.

Funded by / Ownership

We Love Trump does not disclose ownership, and revenue is derived through advertising, donations, and the sale of pro-Trump/conservative merchandise through an online store. The online store is located on the domain of a Questionable former source; I love my Freedom. In 2019, I Love my Freedom transferred their content to another far-right questionable source called Trending Politics and became an online store exclusively. At this time, both We Love Trump and Trending Politics send their users to the online store at I love my Freedom. While we can’t confirm this, it appears the owners of I Love my Freedom own both Trending Politics and We Love Trump. According to its old about page, I Love my Freedom is/was co-owned by A. Ferretti, R. Nosbish, Jack Murphy, and Clayton Keirns. Again, this is not confirmed.


In review, welovetrump.com publishes hyper-partisan conservative news and commentary that appears to come from members of the website. These members do not list their full names, and there does not appear to be any editorial guidelines, though it is safe to say there isn’t any pro-liberal messaging here. Articles and headlines often use emotionally loaded language such this The RNC Has Snubbed President Trump’s Cease And Desist Letter, Trouble Brewing? This story is sourced from Politico and the Washington Examiner.

Editorially, We Love Trump always favors the right, particularly former President Donald Trump, while denigrating Democrats. Further, during 2020 they frequently published misinformation regarding the Covid-19 and the 2020 Presidential Election. For example, they frequently published misinformation regarding the wearing of masks as a means to reduce the spread of Coronavirus, such as this: The Dangers of Masks…Mass Occult Ritual? This article negatively refers to people who wear masks as “Maskholes.”

They also promote that mask-wearing is dangerous because it supposedly cuts off oxygen. To prove this, they link to someone using a room carbon dioxide detector that can be bought at Lowes or Home Depot and stick it inside of a mask. The result is very high carbon dioxide levels which they claim is harmful. At this point, I ask a straightforward question, if you want to measure the effects of mask-wearing on the user would you run down to the local Home Depot and buy a room carbon dioxide detector? Or would you use medical devices to calculate the physiologic effects of the mask on the actual wearer?


The answer to this question is clear, and it has been tested. First, the mask is meant to stop the flow of large droplets. It does not impede the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide. For example: “Coronavirus can be between 60 and 140 nanometers in diameter. Oxygen is 0.120 nanometers, and carbon dioxide is 0.232 nanometers. Respiratory droplets are typically 5000 to 10,000 nanometers in diameter. The filtration pores in a cloth mask are typically between 10 nanometers and 6000 nanometers.

Put simply, “math and physics” verify that face masks cannot stop the flow of respiratory gases, but they can stop respiratory droplets.” “Further evidence that mask-wearing does not affect gas exchange includes taking into consideration surgeons who wear masks for as long as 12 hours or more, says Leann Poston, MD, of Invigor Medical. “Imagine for a moment if face masks did change blood levels of carbon dioxide and oxygen levels in the blood,” she says. A surgeon’s brain chemistry would be affected. It would affect their fine motor skills. “If face masks could even remotely cause this outcome, an alternative would have been invented by now.” See the study here.

During and after the 2020 presidential election, they frequently promoted conspiracies related to election fraud, most of which have been debunked. Finally, We Love Trump appears to endorse the QAnon conspiracy theory, promoting that former President Trump is fighting a deep state cabal of satan worshipping pedophiles: Here’s What The Q Anon Movement Stands For….What Is Wrong With This? In general, We Love Trump is extremely right-biased editorially and frequently publishes false or misleading information.

Failed Fact Checks

Overall, we rate We Love Trump far-right biased and Questionable based on the promotion of conspiracy theories and propaganda and the use of poor sources, a complete lack of transparency, and numerous false or misleading claims. (3/9/2021) Updated (01/06/2022)

Last Updated on July 1, 2023 by Media Bias Fact Check

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