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  • Overall, we rate Proto Thema Right Biased and Questionable due to poor sourcing, lack of transparency with ownership, and numerous failed fact checks.

Detailed Report

Reasoning: Poor Sourcing, Lack of Transparency, Numerous Failed Fact Checks, Fake News
Country: Greece
World Press Freedom Rank: Greece 65/180


Founded in 2005 by Makis Triantafyllopoulos, Themos Anastasiadis, and Tassos Karamitsos, Proto Thema is a Greek weekly newspaper based in Athens, Greece. In 2008, Proto Thema launched the portal, as a daily e-newspaper. The newspaper covers topics related to politics, national and international news, lifestyle, and tabloid-style sensational news.

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Funded by / Ownership

Proto Thema is published by Proto Thema Publishing SA which does not disclose ownership. Revenue is derived through advertising and subscription fees. 

Analysis / Bias

Proto Thema was previously known to have a liberal stance, however, at present, their views are favorable to the center-right New Democracy Party

In review, Proto Thema headlines are moderately emotional such as this “Turkish President Erdogan provokes again: My dream as a boy was to free Hagia Sophia.” Articles are typically sourced with large quotes and they republish stories from Bloomberg. Politically, they tend to favor the right, for example, when covering Greek politics Proto Thema uses moderately emotionally loaded headlines and avoids criticism when covering the Center-Right New Democracy party leader and current Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis: “Kyriakos Mitsotakis posts photo of his adorable dog.” On the other hand, they cover former Prime Minister and left-wing Syriza party leader Alexis Tsipras critically such as “SYRIZA leader Tsipras covers ex-Minister Pappas amid Kalogritsas “White House” backlash”. This article is poorly sourced and does not provide hyperlinks to the documents they claim to have released.  Further, Proto Thema publishes sensational stories such as “She has tattoos, she is hot, she is perfect! (sexy photos)”. On political issues such as immigration, Proto Thema reports negatively such as here and here. Finally, according to a evaluation report they describe Proto Thema as “It is known for its populist orientation and hate speech approach mainly to migration and migrant related news and themes.” Proto Thema covers the Trump Administration mostly through, and the factually mixed NDTV. In general, Proto Thema demonstrates a right-leaning editorial bias and is not a reliable source for factual information.

Failed Fact Checks (shortlist of many)

Overall, we rate Proto Thema Right Biased and Questionable due to poor sourcing, lack of transparency with ownership, and numerous failed fact checks. (M. Huitsing 7/17/2020)


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