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These media sources have a slight to moderate liberal bias.  They often publish factual information that utilizes loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes) to favor liberal causes.  These sources are generally trustworthy for information, but may require further investigation. See all Left-Center sources.

Factual Reporting: HIGH

Notes: Liveleak is a video service founded by Hayden Hewitt. The content is almost exclusively user submitted videos and covers a wide range of topics from around the world. From people’s pets to Rex Tillerson’s trip to Asia. Because of the conflicts in Syria and Ukraine, and the amount of video being uploaded from there, they currently have two sections dedicated to them.  Due to being a video sharing service, and the videos being presented as submitted, the content can be very graphic and controversial, such as when Liveleak hosted footage of the beheading of journalist James Foley by ISIS in 2014. Mr. Hewitt has defended the practice of presenting submitted footage as is, stating in his own words:

“Look all this is happening, this is real life, this is going on, and we’re going to show it.”

While Liveleak has a video content-sharing agreement with Ruptly, state-run Russia Today’s video service, the overall content is apolitical. They do sponsor a live interview/call-in show which, again, covers a broad range of topics. Mr. Hewitt himself does have a left bias on the live show, but it does not carry over to the site’s content and is more editorial in nature. Therefore we rate Liveleak Left-Center based on editorial content. (D. Kelley 3/16/2017)


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