(Media News) G/O Media Closes Jezebel and Lays Off 23 Staff Amid Economic Challenges

G/O Media has ceased operations of the feminist publication Jezebel after 16 years and laid off 23 employees as part of a company-wide reduction. The decision was confirmed by CEO Jim Spanfeller in an internal memo, citing the absence of expected marketing revenue despite economic expansion. The layoffs occurred shortly after the dismissal of Merrill Brown, the editorial director hired in January.

Despite attempts to sell Jezebel, no buyers emerged, leading to its closure. This move is part of a series of changes within G/O Media, including the acquisition of Quartz and the sale of Lifehacker.

The layoffs extend beyond Jezebel, affecting editorial staff at Kotaku, Deadspin, Gizmodo, Jalopnik, and Quartz. Brown’s departure adds to the growing number of editorial leaders leaving G/O Media. The company is restructuring its editorial department, introducing an office of editorial oversight for increased accountability.

Primary Sources: Adweek, BBC

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