The Latest Fact Checks curated by Media Bias Fact Check 09/18/2022

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Claim by Joe Biden (D): “Incomes are up.”

PolitiFact rating: Mostly False (Without inflation, yes, that is true; however, when inflation is included, wages are down by approximately 4% on a year-over-year basis from July 2021 to July 2022.

President Joe Biden said incomes are up, but that ignores inflation

Claim via viral image: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Won A Supreme Court Case That Ruled The COVID-19 Vaccine Causes Irreparable Damage.

Lead Stories rating: False (No Such Case)

Fact Check: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Did NOT Win Supreme Court Ruling On COVID Vaccine Causing ‘Irreparable’ Harm — There’s No Case

FALSE Claim by Herschel Walker (R): “Homicides in Atlanta is up 47%” and “rape is up over 200% since Raphael Warnock got in office.” rating: False (homicides were up about 16% this year when compared with roughly the same period in 2020, the year before Warnock took office. Meanwhile, rapes were up about 22% as of Sept. 3, when compared with the almost identical point in 2020. Warnock, as a U.S. senator, has almost no control over policies that would affect crime at the local level.)

Herschel Walker Cites Outdated Crime Figures in False Attack on Raphael Warnock

Claim by “Ethically Unjustifiable” – Scientists from Harvard & John’s Hopkins Found Covid-19 Vaccines 98 Times Worse Than the Virus.

Lead Stories rating: No Evidence (Misrepresented study. Not 98X Worse – There’s no evidence to suggest that getting sick with coronavirus is a better option for the population as a whole than the benefits of immunization.)

Fact Check: COVID-19 Vaccines Are NOT ’98 Times Worse Than The Virus’ — Benefits ‘Far Outweigh The Risk Of Serious Health Effects’

Gateway Pundit Rating

Claim via Social Media: If Jeff Bezos’ net worth reaches $1 trillion, “he could literally end world poverty and give everyone $1 billion and he will still have $91.5 billion left.”

Politifact rating: Pants on Fire (Blatant Lie or Really bad math: $1 billion x 7.9 billion people + $91.5 billion = $7,900,091,500,000,000. He would need 7.9 Quadrillion Dollars.)

Claim that Jeff Bezos’ fortune could make everyone a billionaire doesn’t add up

FALSE (International: Russia): Claim by Russian State Media (RT News): Did Russian Ka-52 destroy Ukraine barge near nuclear plant?

Newsweek rating: False (The structure in the video identified by Russian state media as a “barge” is part of a bridge by the Nazis in 1943.)

Fact Check: Did Russian Ka-52 Destroy Ukraine Barge Near Nuclear Plan

RT News Rating

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