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Government Type: Federal semi-presidential Republic
Leader: President Vladimir Putin

Political Party:  United Russia
Political Position: National Conservatism

Press Freedom

MBFC’s Country Freedom Rating: 24.39 – Total Oppression
World Press Freedom Rank:
Russia 164/180

According to Reporters without Borders, Russia is a “Stifling atmosphere for independent journalists.” The report states, “Leading independent news outlets have either been brought under control or throttled out of existence. As TV channels continue to inundate viewers with propaganda, the climate has become very oppressive for those who question the new patriotic and neo-conservative discourse, or just try to maintain quality journalism.”

Media Ownership and Government Analysis

In 2008, the Ministry of Telecommunications and Mass Communications was established and tasked with regulating mass media, communications, and IT activities in coordination with four subordinated federal agencies (Federal Agency on Press and Mass Communications; Federal Agency on IT; Federal Agency of Communications and Federal Control Service in the Sphere of Communications; IT and Mass Communications). According to a BBC report, “Laws allow the authorities to block websites without explanation, require popular bloggers to register with the mass media regulator Roskomnadzor and demand that internet companies give the authorities access to users’ information.”

In general, the majority of news consumption comes from three state-controlled national networks that routinely promote pro-Kremlin misinformation and conspiracy theories. Further, The Kremlin applies official labels to outside media groups such as “foreign agent,” “undesirable,” or “extremist” to any organization that challenges the government line. Finally, according to the Guardian, after Putin assumed the Presidency in 2000, he forced all the major TV channels to submit to his will. Oligarch owners were either co-opted, jailed, or exiled, and by 2006 most major Russian media were either directly or indirectly under Putin’s administration’s control. They also report that “The editors-in-chief of all the major media in Russia attend regular “strategy meetings” with Putin’s staffers.

During the Russian invasion of Ukraine, President Putin signed a law that imprisons people for up to 15 years who distribute “false news” about the Russian military. Further, Russia has blocked social media platforms and many western media outlets from broadcasting in Russia.

In summary, the state has almost total control over the media, with President Putin using the invasion of Ukraine to suppress free speech in Russia completely. Russia has become an authoritarian dictatorship.

Country Rating Methodology

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