Quick Fact Checks: Trump Treason? Neo-Nazi Armed March?

We received two fact checks to investigate and will summarize both of them here as the work has already been done on one of them.

Did Democrats file treason charges against Donald Trump?

No they did not.  This is “false” according to Politifact.  Here is a summary of their ruling:

Realtime Politics, echoing posts elsewhere, headlined an article, “Democrats Filing TREASON Charges Against Trump, McConnell, Giuliani, & Comey.”

It’s unclear whether such a request has been made, but calling the complaints “charges” is wrong. Only prosecutors, not ordinary Americans, can file “charges.” Moreover, experts told us that the likelihood of actual criminal charges for treason being filed are small, at least given what’s known about the evidence so far. Among other things, treason has historically been judged to require a state of war, something that does not currently exist between the United States and Russia. We rate the statement False. Source: Politifact

Did a Neo-Nazi group plan an armed march in Whitefish, Montana against Jews?

trueThere is long story here that you can read in the New York Times. In brief there is a Neo-Nazi group in Whitefish, Montana that is affiliated with the National Policy Institute, which has been labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. This group is indeed planning a march on January 17th in the town of Whitefish.  There is evidence on a local white supremacist website called the Daily Stormer, where they published a poster announcing the planned march.  Due to this group putting pictures of people and listing names we will not publish the poster.  If interested in seeing the evidence you can visit the website here. (scroll to bottom of page for the poster)

We rate this True.



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