New Website has Launched!

label-36994_640I sure did love the old brown static website, but it was time to go.  It served us well and got this website off the ground with content alone. Certainly no one was visiting this site for its amazing visuals.  This site was always built on content alone.  Period.  Our new theme is also going with the less is more approach.  It is simple, clean and a bit more colorful.  Content is found in mostly the same places, however some features did move from the side bar to the main page and vice-versa.  There is also a banner ad on the top, which may earn the site a few fractions of a penny, but it all helps.  Sorry, I hate ads too.

We are still playing with features and design so some things may change, but for now this is the general look we are going with.  As mentioned last update we are going through every source (1000+) one by one and re-assessing.  This process will be on going for at least a month.  Regarding this, I have gotten some feedback from people who were frustrated we did not add their source or we didn’t re-evaluate one they thought might be wrong.  I can assure you we have a list and each will be tackled in the near future.

Regarding fact checks, we still receive them and look at each one, but we will not do a fact check on something that is easily found or simply can’t be checked.  We also will not do a fact check on “xyz site is full of $#!$.”  Please be specific and make sure you can’t find the answer yourself.  Many of the fact checks we receive can be found on Snopes.  Check there first.  They are usually very fast.

Please let us know what you think about the new website.  Either comment on Facebook, Twitter or below on this post.

Happy Holidays from the MBFC team!

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