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Judicial Crisis Network - Right BiasRIGHT BIAS

These media sources are moderately to strongly biased toward conservative causes through story selection and/or political affiliation. They may utilize strong loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes), publish misleading reports and omit reporting of information that may damage conservative causes. Some sources in this category may be untrustworthy. See all Right Bias sources.

Factual Reporting: MIXED

Notes: The Judicial Crisis Network (JCN) (originally founded as the Judicial Confirmation Network) is an American conservative political campaign organization based in the United States. As of 2014 it was run by Carrie Severino, a former law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. In January, JCN launched a 10 million dollar campaign to support Donald Trump’s supreme court nominee. On the website they report news about the judicial system with a strong right wing bias through the use of loaded words and linking to other right biased sources. (D. Van Zandt 2/16/2017)

Source: https://judicialnetwork.com/

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