United States Media Profile

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United States Government and Media


Government Type: Constitutional Federal Republic
Leader: President Donald J. Trump
Political Party: Republican
Political Position: Right / Conservative


World Press Freedom Rank: USA 48/180 (2019)

According to Reporters without borders “Unprecedented violence targets journalists” in the United States. The USA has fallen from a rank of 43/180 to 48/180 in the last two years.

Government Influence on Media: The Government does not subsidize media in the United States with the exception of National Public Radio, PBS stations and Voice of America. In general, the Government has minimal direct control over the press. However, 90% of the media in the USA is controlled by 6 corporations, which causes a lack of diversity in ownership and creates very strong Pro-Corporate Bias. In turn, these corporations may receive financial incentives from the Government such as tax breaks that may influence their direction.


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