Trump’s Popularity Grows with White Evangelicals


By Kenneth White

The Public Religion Research Institute supplied a new poll this week along with analysis of their results which shows that Donald Trump’s support among white evangelicals is at an all-time high. While his favorability during the primary season in 2016 to present has varied, it’s also grown, peaking at 74% favorability after the election and averaging 64% over this period. And among men, that number jumps to 81% for college educated white evangelicals and 78% for the non-college educated.

New York Magazine’s, Ed Kilgore, wrote to PRRI and asked for numbers that excluded the data for white evangelical’s, and the President’s average favorability ratio dropped to 36% in favor and 60% not in favor. The results reveal that within the voting population, regardless of education or gender, Trump is highly disliked. Kilgore proposes that the real divide isn’t between liberal, coastal elites and an American spectrum assumed to be Trump’s base, but rather, the data proves the American spectrum regardless of age, race or gender does not identify with nor understand the motivations of white evangelicals.

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