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Ken resides in California with his wife. Ken is not registered to any party, leans left but strives for center in his reporting, and wishes all this Neo-Nazi business would hide its head in the sand once again.

Latest Reports from Kenneth White

  • Fake News From Macedonia Tied To Prominent American Conservatives

    By Kenneth White Trajche Arsov, a 33-year-old attorney who made a name for himself defending journalists against the Macedonian government, has been called the ‘godfather’ of the misinformation racket perpetrated by Macedonian teens who used Google ads to make money. Arsov launched the first of many fake news sites such as ‘’ and […]

  • U.S. Government Spent Over $68,000 at President Trump’s Turnberry Resort During His Visit

    By Kenneth White During his European visit Donald Trump’s Turnberry firm was paid more than £50,000 by the US government to cover the accommodation bill for his weekend stay at SLC Turnberry Limited, The Scotsman can reveal. This is one of several overnights at the South Ayrshire hotel and golf course, as The Scotsman revealed other “VIP visits” by the State Department […]

  • Immigrant Toddlers Ordered To Appear In Court

    By Kenneth White Unaccompanied minors regularly go through deportation proceedings without parental support, but given the results of the Zero Tolerance policy, more young children than ever, including toddlers, are being ordered to appear in court. Lindsay Toczylowski, executive director of Immigrant Defenders Law Center in Los Angeles, related her experience helping a young client, “We […]

  • SCOTUS Rules In Favor Of Crisis Pregnancy Centers

    By Kenneth White In a previous ruling, judges for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit upheld California’s law requiring ‘Crisis Pregnancy Centers’ that offer some medical services such as ultrasounds, to meet specific requirements and be licensed. They must also display or relay to a woman the state’s message: “California has public programs that provide […]

  • Zero Tolerance Detainees Asked To Choose Between Deportation and Their Children

    By Kenneth White Two immigration attorneys have reported that between 20 and 25 men located 75 miles from Houston have received offers of reunification with family in exchange for voluntary deportation, reports the Texas Tribune. While the action of offering voluntary deportation to detained individuals is common, the addition of promising a reunion with children as a bargaining chip is not. Anne […]


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