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Kenneth White graduated from the Evergreen State College with a BA in Film and Media studies. Along with being a scriptwriter for startups in Silicon Valley, Ken has contributed a variety of media (web & graphic design, video production, data wrangling) to organizations and businesses who seek to empower and uplift the human spirit. He lives with his wife and two cats in a home south of the city.

Latest Reports from Kenneth White

  • HUD Secretary Carson Proposes Higher Rents

    By Kenneth White In a major overhaul of the rental-housing system Ben Carson has proposed to increase rents for low-income earners and establish minimum work requirements to meet the Trump administration’s push to link anti-poverty programs to employment. Rental assistance recipients currently spend about 30 percent of their adjusted income on housing, with subsidies picking up the rest. […]

  • Sessions Declines to Recuse In Cohen Investigation

    By Kenneth White The Michael Cohen investigation is underway and Attorney General Jeff Sessions has declined to recuse himself from it, according to a statement from the Justice department. “The attorney general considers his potential recusal on a matter-by-matter basis as may be needed,” the department said in a statement. “To the extent a matter comes to the attention of his […]

  • Facebook Releases Internal Acceptable Content Guide

    By Kenneth White Facebook today released a 27 page document that provides content moderators enough specificity in judging the permissibility of hate speech, nudity, violence and controversial language posted to its social platform. The document was released just days after Mark Zuckerberg testified in congress and follows frequent criticism and confusion surrounding the companies policies. […]

  • Trump Aide Urges Rescissions Bill

    By Kenneth White While Republicans are divided about how to resolve issues related to the spending bill and struggling against the unexpected turbulence over House Speaker Paul Ryan’s decision to retire, legislative director Marc Short urged Mitch McConnell to consider new “rescissions” legislation. These would be further spending cuts sought by fiscal conservatives in the House […]

  • SCOTUS Reviews Travel Ban

    By Kenneth White On Wednesday the Supreme Court of the United States will be hearing a challenge to the lawfulness of President Trump’s travel ban. The case represents a test of the limits of presidential power. This is the third version of the policy being challenged by the state of Hawaii, arguing that the ban violates federal immigration law. The Supreme Court signaled it may lean toward […]


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