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Bashar al-Assad Facts and Bias Rating

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  • Bashar al-Assad is currently the President of Syria. He is the head of the Pan-Arab, Socialist-Nationalist Ba’ath Party. Syria is a one-party state controlled through authoritarian rule by Assad. We assign Bashar al-Assad a Left Bias and Low factual rating due to failed fact checks and the promotion of propaganda and conspiracy theories.

About Bashar al-Assad

Country: Syria
Title: President (07/17/2000)
Political Party: Syrian Ba’ath Party
Political Alignment: LEFT
Factual Rating: LOW


  • Army doctor at the Tishrin Military Hospital (1988)
  • Colonel of the Syrian Republican Guard (1999)
  • Elected President of Syria (2000 – Present)

Political Affiliation

In order for Bashar al-Assad to become President, the constitution had to be amended to lower the age requirement from 40 to 34 years old. After being elected with 97.29% of the vote, he was appointed the commander-in-chief of the Syrian Armed Forces and Regional Secretary of the Ba’ath Party.

Politically, the Ba’ath Party of Syria is a Pan-Arab, anti-Zionist, secular, Arab nationalist, and socialist party. The party slogan “Unity, Freedom, Socialism” is enshrined in the Syrian Constitution. The concept of Ba’athism developed in resistance to European colonialism in the Arab world as they saw it as the root cause of problems in the Arab world.

Although the Ba’ath Party and Bashar al-Assad have their roots in the Marxist-Leninist Socialist movement, there is little resemblance today as Assad has implemented a totalitarian dictatorship that will use any means to stay in power. Currently, Bashar al-Assad is the head of a left-wing military dictatorship. Assad has also promoted conspiracy theories such as the infamous false flag chemical attack against opposition rebels. He is not a reliable source of information.

Recent Failed Fact Checks

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