The Latest Fact Checks curated by Media Bias Fact Check 12/25/2022

Media Bias Fact Check selects and publishes fact checks from around the world. We only utilize fact-checkers that are either a signatory of the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) or have been verified as credible by MBFC. Further, we review each fact check for accuracy before publishing. We fact-check the fact-checkers and let you know their bias. When appropriate, we explain the rating and/or offer our own rating if we disagree with the fact-checker. (D. Van Zandt)

Claim Codes: Red = Fact Check on a Right Claim, Blue = Fact Check on a Left Claim, Black = Not Political/Conspiracy/Pseudoscience/Other

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Claim via Social Media: A video shows Rep. Matt Gaetz threatening Robert Mueller with jail time.

PolitiFact rating: False (No, it does not show that.)

No, this video doesn’t show Matt Gaetz threatening Robert Mueller with jail time

Claim via NewsPunch: World Economic Forum has announced a ‘new one world religion’

USA Today rating: False (The forum has made no such announcement. The claim stems from a website that routinely publishes misinformation.)

Fact check: False claim the World Economic Forum declared new religion

NewsPunch Rating

Claim via Social Media: A flag given to U.S. House Speaker Pelosi and Vice President Harris by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy during a joint session of Congress in December 2022 contained Nazi “SS” runes.

Snopes rating: False (It does not)

Does the Flag Zelenksyy Gave to US Congress Contain Nazi Symbolism?

Claim by The Expose: COVID-19 vaccines were responsible for 1.1 million excess deaths in the US

USA Today rating: False (Research shows the vaccines to be safe and effective at preventing deaths. The claim originated with a website that has repeatedly made false claims about COVID-19.)

Fact check: False claim COVID-19 vaccines caused 1.1 million deaths

The Expose Rating

FALSE Claim via Social Media: A video shows migrants faking tears for news cameras.

Politifact rating: False (This video clip from 2020 shows migrants reacting after Greek authorities fired tear gas on them.)

Video shows migrants reacting after authorities fired tear gas

FALSE (International: United Kingdom): Claim by GB News: Vaccine trial data shows you’re more likely to get serious adverse effects from the vaccine than be hospitalised with Covid-19.

The Ferret rating: False

Covid-19: Claim vaccine more harmful than virus is False

GB News Rating

Disclaimer: We are providing links to fact-checks by third-party fact-checkers. If you do not agree with a fact check, please directly contact the source of that fact check.

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