Trump lashes out at judge who said former president knowingly pushed false voter fraud case

Former President Donald Trump lashed out Thursday after a federal judge wrote that Trump knowingly pushed false claims of voter fraud while he was fighting his 2020 election loss.

Trump, in a post on his social media platform Truth Social, lambasted U.S. District Judge David Carter as a “partisan hack” and repeated his false claim that his loss to President Joe Biden was the result of a “rigged and stolen” election.

The ex-president’s outburst came one day after Carter ordered John Eastman, a pro-Trump attorney who tried to challenge Biden’s win, to turn over dozens of documents to the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

Among those 33 documents were emails that “demonstrate an effort by President Trump and his attorneys to press false claims in federal court for the purpose of delaying the January 6 vote,” Carter wrote.

In late December, Eastman relayed concerns to Trump’s attorneys about citing supposed evidence of voter fraud in Fulton County, Georgia. Carter wrote that Trump’s attorneys made the fraud allegations in a state court filing earlier that month, and Trump and his legal team wanted to incorporate the same claims into a federal lawsuit.

But Eastman pushed back, saying in an email that even though Trump signed a verification for the state court filing, “he has since been made aware that some of the allegations (and evidence proffered by the experts) has been inaccurate,” according to the judge.

Trump and his legal team nevertheless went on to file the complaint “with the same inaccurate numbers without rectifying, clarifying, or otherwise changing them,” Carter wrote.

“The emails show that President Trump knew that the specific numbers of voter fraud were wrong but continued to tout those numbers, both in court and to the public,” the judge determined. “The Court finds that these emails are sufficiently related to and in furtherance of a conspiracy to defraud the United States.”

Those emails were part of a batch of eight communications that Carter ruled were subject to the “crime-fraud exception” to legal privileges, such as attorney-client privilege, that might otherwise protect Eastman from disclosing the documents.

Carter ruled that the crime-fraud exception also applied to emails showing Eastman and other attorneys for Trump suggesting that a “primary goal” of a court filing “is to delay or otherwise disrupt” the Jan. 6, 2021, congressional vote to confirm Biden’s electoral victory.

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