The Latest Fact Checks curated by Media Bias Fact Check 08/26/2022

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Claim by Joe Biden (D): The American Rescue Plan “helped create nearly 10 million new jobs.”

PolitiFact rating: Mostly False (Economists agree that the American Rescue Plan probably helped boost job creation, but they say it doesn’t deserve credit for all of the 10 million jobs created on Biden’s watch. Factoring in what the Congressional Budget Office projected for natural job gains if the American Rescue Plan had never passed, the law might be responsible for 1.6 million jobs so far.)

Joe Biden exaggerates job-creation impact of American Rescue Plan

Claim by the Daily Sceptic: “Natural variation explains a substantial part of global warming observed since 1850;” no statistical evidence that global warming is intensifying natural disasters, or making them more frequent.

Climate Feedback rating: Incorrect (Natural (non-human) drivers of climate change have been mostly stable since the onset of modern warming and all the available scientific evidence implicates human greenhouse gas emissions as the primary culprit. Scientific evidence also indicates that climate change is contributing to intensified or more frequent natural disasters such as heatwaves, drought and heavy rainfall.)

Letter stating there is “no climate emergency” repeats inaccurate claims about climate science

Daily Sceptic Rating

FALSE Claim via Social Media: “Marjorie Taylor Greene was raided by Joe Biden’s DOJ last night.”

Poltifact rating: False (it was a swatting event, meaning someone falsely made a claim about her address.)

No, the DOJ didn’t raid Marjorie Taylor Greene’s home

Claim by Naomi Wolfe: “44 Percent of Pregnant Women in Pfizer Trial Lost Their Babies”

Health Feedback rating: Inaccurate (The claim that 44% of the pregnant women who participated in Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine trial had a miscarriage is inaccurate; it is based on an incorrect calculation that double-counted miscarriages and underestimated the total number of pregnancies. Data from safety monitoring and research studies show that the vaccine doesn’t increase the risk of worse pregnancy outcomes.)

Scientific evidence shows COVID-19 vaccination reduces the risk of pregnancy complications and isn’t associated with any safety issues; Pfizer’s clinical trial doesn’t show otherwise

Claim by Viral image: Photo shows parents who changed their baby’s gender identity.

PolitiFact rating: Pants on Fire (Fake)

Story about parents changing baby’s gender fake

FALSE (International: Philippines): ABS-CBN desecrated the Constitution by violating the exclusive Filipino ownership and management of mass media through the issuance of Philippine Depositary Receipts.

VERA Files rating: False

FACT CHECK: Marcoleta repeats false claims about ABS-CBN

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