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FALSE Claim by Americans United for Life: “If a 10-year-old became pregnant as a result of rape and it was threatening her life, then that’s not an abortion.”

Politifact: False (You can’t change the definition when it suits you. Whether an abortion is performed as a result of a legal exception does not change its classification as an abortion.)

Abortions done under legal exceptions are still abortions

Claim by Joe Biden (D): Biden poll shows Democrats want him to run in 2024.

Newsweek rating: Mostly False (92% of Democrats would vote for Biden against Trump, but the polling actually showed that around two-thirds of voters would vote for another candidate in the Democratic presidential primary.)

Fact Check: Do Biden Polls Show Democrats Want Him to Run in 2024?

Joe Biden Profile

Claim via Social Media: Images from Hunter Biden’s laptop show Joe Biden naked with a young girl.

PolitiFact rating: Pants on Fire (The images of a naked man and a young girl were taken from a years-old pornographic video. They do not show President Joe Biden.)

No, viral images don’t show Joe Biden naked with a young girl

Claim via Social Media: Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was assassinated because he didn’t follow World Economic Forum orders, didn’t mandate COVID vaccines, sent 1.6 million doses back and gave citizens ivermectin.

Lead Stories rating: False (Dear Qanon: No, No, No, and No.)

Fact Check: NO Evidence Japanese Ex-PM Abe Assassinated Because He Didn’t Follow WEF Orders, Didn’t Mandate COVID Vaccines, Gave Citizens Ivermectin

Claim by Viral image: An image shows an “all aboard the Trump train” truck crashed into a bridge.

PolitiFact rating: False (A viral image of a crashed truck with the words “all aboard the Trump train” on its trailer is digitally manipulated; earlier photos show the truck bearing a different message.)

Image of ‘Trump Train’ truck crashed into bridge is digitally edited

FALSE (International: United Kingdom): Claim by The Sun: Two thirds of asylum-seekers who arrived here since 2018 claiming to be unaccompanied children were found to be adults.

Full Fact rating: False (based on a misinterpretation of Home Office statistics. The percentage of people who said they were unaccompanied children while claiming asylum in the UK and were later found to be adults was 20% between January 2018 and March 2022.)

Claim two-thirds of child asylum seekers are actually adults is false – Full Fact

The Sun Rating

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  3. You missed the recent interview on Democracy Now! of Joe Lauria top guy at Consortium News. This is arguably one of the most biased pro Putin presentations I have ever heard. It is proof that Consortium News is not just
    somewhat on the left but way over at the extreme left and dedicated to distorting the truth abouit the Russian destruction of Ukraine. I urge you to expand your review of Consortium News to include Lauria;s interview, and to also do an investigation of Democracy Now!. Also, check out Green Greenwald;s outrageous attack on environmentalists for causing the food crisis in Sri Lanka by getting pesticides banned…something that was done seven months ago and therefore could have not impact on a harvest.


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