Democrat Lawmaker promises Trump impeachment vote before Christmas

Rep Al Green of Texas today announced that he will force a vote on the House floor for the impeachment of President Donald Trump by Christmas.

Green acknowledged the consequences of forcing such a vote saying  “I have been told there will be political consequences for what I do, I accept the consequences.”

Green last month announced his articles to impeach the President and isn’t the first to do so. Green decided against forcing a vote at the time, wanting to allow the public to mull them over instead before he goes ahead.

Al Green earlier this year was joined by California Representative Brad Sherman announced the bid to impeach Trump citing Comey’s firing as reason enough.

Both representatives argued that Trump’s firing of the former FBI Director constituted as an obstruction of justice

“The question really is whether the president can obstruct justice with impunity,”  “We live in a country where no congressmen, no senator, and not even the president of the United States of America is above the law.” Mr. Green told a press conference at the time.

With the President’s Approval rating in practical free fall the past few months, now standing at 37.9% according to the Independent and Trump’s continued alienating of Party peers, it is becoming increasingly more transparent that Trump is losing his control over the GOP machine.

A successful impeachment is still unlikely as it would require a majority in the House and a two thirds majority in the Senate, the GOP aren’t going to be so eager when it comes to impeaching their own President, but it isn’t impossible, not by a long shot.

By Aaron O’Leary – Media Bias Fact Check

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