Trump warns TV networks after nuke report

President Donald Trump on Wednesday questioned whether US news broadcasters should have their licenses revoked, after an unflattering story about his nuclear policy which he decried as "fake." Trump made the implied threat after taking to Twitter to angrily deny reports that he had asked to dramatically increase in America's nuclear stockpile, calling it "made up."…


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1 Comment on Trump warns TV networks after nuke report

  1. Not only do the newspeople sometimes do at to the President, but they ALSO downplay the respective rights and opinions of every American citizen. I don’t know why..! But it DOES make me angry but they feel they’re better and more qualified to hold opinions that go against the norm and I believe they have that right BUT WHY SHARE ‘THOSE’ OPINIONS? All they’re supposed to do is SHARE THE “NEWS”. WHY THE HELL NOT QUALIFY FOR an AMERICAN CREED SUCH AS all I just said? Sometimes they just want they’re opinions told like someone listening is they’re own MOTHER.

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