Palmer Report Republishes Fake Daily News Bin Story Against Media Bias Fact Check

For some mysterious reason Bill Palmer of the Palmer Report and the Daily News Bin has decided to republish, a false report about Media Bias Fact Check that he published on 12/16/16 in the Daily News Bin. Mr. Palmer can republish this story to all of his blogs and social media, but that won’t change the truth.

The Palmer Report is a good source for digging up information on political figures. The only real issue we have with the Palmer Report and Daily News Bin is the use of harsh loaded words that convey negative emotive feelings toward the right and positive toward the left. We understand that no journalist can be free from bias, but words matter in how they shape a story. Words matter to us and we make sure to expose sources that use loaded language to sway readers. There is nothing wrong with having biased opinions as long as you back them up with facts. For the most part, Palmer does this. It is just a matter of navigating through his loaded language to find the real story that is usually there, though never quite as sensational as Palmer wants you to believe.

Regarding his claims against Media Bias Fact Check, I suggest you read our first response to the original publishing of his false article. You can also click the following links to learn everything about our website that debunks Mr. Palmer’s claims.

About Media Bias Fact Check

Frequently Asked Questions

Methodology for Determining Bias

I also highly encourage you to read the update on the Daily News Bin review that highlights the threats Mr. Palmer made against me personally. We feel this is a fine example of one’s credibility or lack-there-of.

Lastly, when judging our work please consider that we equally get attacked by far right media sources who object to their ratings. We also always share these negative reports on the front page of our website. Bottom line is we have faith in our readers to decide what is true, based on evidence. We have nothing to hide. We encourage you to post this on social media when you encounter Bill Palmer’s fake report.

Dave Van Zandt

Left vs. Right Bias: How we rate the bias of media sources

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3 Comments on "Palmer Report Republishes Fake Daily News Bin Story Against Media Bias Fact Check"


  2. I also noticed that your sitejabber page has been attacked with a bunch of one-star reviews. The validity of them is questionable at best, since most of the bad reviews were from accounts that only had their bad review on you being their only review on the account (indicating that they solely created their accounts there to hate on you or they were alt accounts of far-right individuals), and those with other reviews have rated other least biased, left-center, and left bias sources poorly. One of them gave a 1 star review on the LITERAL CDC, with their reason for the rating being that they don’t like how this site tells them to wear a mask, and another one called your negative reporting on alternate medicine as a simple “bias”.

    The far-right really is the most aggressive and politically active typology group. I honestly feel bad for the other people on the political right who aren’t as delusional as the supervocal far-right, and it really sucks that the rotten apples have louder voices. At this rate we’re going to have another civil war that will mark the end of this country.

  3. Media Bias Fact Check | May 12, 2023 at 7:49 am |

    I’ve seen them. At one point I rebutted a few and complained to Sitejabber about the lack of evidence these people bring. Not much I can do though. On the brightside, negative reviews from delusional people might actually help us.


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