Daily News Bin does not like Media Bias Fact Checks Rating.

For the last 12 hours or so I have been having a conversation with Bill Palmer from the Daily News Bin via Email.  He felt my rating of the Daily News Bin as a borderline extreme left wing website was unfair.  He requested my sources to prove my point.  I provided them here.  Daily News Bin.  After being sworn at, threatened with litigation and having my life ruined, I finally gave up on Mr. Palmer, who I do think is a good writer and should focus on journalism rather than slander and bias.  He just knows that bias sells better.  I am linking his full article here for full disclosure and you can decide.  Keep in mind all the links to his article are sourcing my own site.  Strange that 3rd parties have not ripped me to shreds like they have his media ventures.  We are not in the business of attacking media outlets and I will not post the threatening emails he has written me, but there is ample evidence on the internet to discredit Mr. Palmer.  Google “Bill Palmer Bias” “Bill Palmer scam”, “Bill Palmer credible”, “Bill Palmer Satire or fake”  Further, Mr. Palmer defines Web of Trust as World of Trust and cannot source a single claim against our site.

Here is Mr. Palmers article: http://www.dailynewsbin.com/news/phony-security-site-media-bias-fact-check-is-just-one-guy-running-a-malicious-scam/26758/

In case you don’t feel like reading the full article Mr.Palmer wrote, I suggest this for perspective.

“Worse, it turns out Van Zandt has a vindictive streak. After one hapless social media user tried to use his phony “Media Bias Fact Check” site to dispute a thoroughly sourced article from this site, Daily News Bin, we made the mistake of contacting Van Zandt and asking him to take down his ridiculous “rating” – which consisted of nothing more than hearsay such as “has been accused of being satire.” Really? When? By whom? None of those facts seem to matter to the guy running this “Media Bias Fact Check” scam.

But instead of acknowledging that he’d been caught in the act, Van Zandt retaliated against Daily News Bin by changing his rating to something more sinister. He also added a link to a similar phony security company called World of Trust, which generates its ratings by allowing random anonymous individuals to post whatever bizarre conspiracy theories they want, and then letting these loons vote on whether that news site is “real” or not. These scam sites are now trying to use each other for cover, in order to back up the false and unsubstantiated “ratings” they semi-randomly assign respected news outlets.”

The hapless user in this case was Bill Palmer… and “WEB” of Trust is a good source in evaluating websites. You failed to discredit Snopes, Mr. Palmer?  If threats from sources can influence our ratings we are worthless.  Further, we did not change Daily News Bin’s rating as Mr. Palmer falsely claims.  We simply provided the evidence that Mr. Palmer requested. We will not back down to the threats of litigation and his direct life ruining threats.  We suggest Mr. Palmer uses is his obvious writing skills to report factually instead of subjectively.  The fact that Mr. Palmer went through this much trouble to attempt to discredit this website speaks volumes about his credibility as a so called journalist.

There are numerous stories on the internet about Mr. Palmer’s bullying and threats.  We feel it would be beneath this website to publish them.  If interested in learning more about Mr. Palmer and Daily News Bin simply google it.

Although I do not want to drive traffic to Mr. Palmer’s website I encourage people to visit and read some of the headlines.  For Example: headlines such as Trump and Putin being “Anti-American Terrorists,” or “Russian puppet Donald Trump picks fellow Russian puppet Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State.”

I also encourage you to look for his Disclaimer, Terms of Use or any other link that would demonstrate some level of credibility and responsibility.

Here is our rating of Mr.Palmer’s site: Daily News Bin

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