Politifact Checks more Trump claims from the last week.

logoPolitifact has been busy checking all the claims made during the Presidential Debate last Monday.  This summary consists of Politifact’s latest Trump claims during the last week.

Donald Trump says: Hillary Clinton’s energy agenda “will cost the U.S. economy over $5 trillion” – FALSE


Donald Trump says: In New York City, “murders are up.” – MOSTLY FALSE


Donald Trump says: “Hillary Clinton’s plan would bring in 620,000 refugees in her first term, alone, with no effective way to screen or vet them. Her plan would cost $400 billion in terms of lifetime welfare and entitlement costs.” – FALSE


Donald Trump says: “NATO is opening up a major terror division. … I’m sure I’m not going to get credit for it, but that was largely because of what I was saying and my criticism of NATO.” – FALSE


Donald Trump says to Hillary Clinton, “You heard what I said about (the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal), and all of a sudden you were against it.” – FALSE


Donald Trump says: “no, you’re wrong,” responding to the assertion that stop-and-frisk was ruled unconstitutional in New York. – MOSTLY FALSE


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