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Factual Reporting: Very High - Credible - Reliable


These sources consist of legitimate science or are evidence based through the use of credible scientific sourcing.  Legitimate science follows the scientific method, is unbiased and does not use emotional words.  These sources also respect the consensus of experts in the given scientific field and strive to publish peer reviewed science. Some sources in this category may have a slight political bias, but adhere to scientific principles. See all Pro-Science sources.

Factual Reporting: VERY HIGH

Notes: The Watchers (TW) is a hard science news site that covers a wide range of topics, from climate change to space exploration, with an emphasis on weather and related topics. The articles are well written, well-sourced, and highly factual. TW exhibits no political bias in its reporting, simply reporting the facts and information as is, earning them a Pro-Science rating. (D. Kelley 4/6/2017)


Left vs. Right Bias: How we rate the bias of media sources

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