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Factual Reporting: HIGH

Notes: Consortium News is an alternative independent news source established in 1995.  It is considered the first alternative investigative journalism internet news source.  Consortium News covers stories deeply and has been responsible for uncovering scandals and important information that was not found/covered by the mainstream media.  They are factual and evidence based, but present information with a slight left of center tone. (D. Van Zandt 11/3/2016)

Consortium News (CN) is an investigative journalism site that publishes fact and evidence based articles. While there is a slight left bias overall, CN is as likely to point out faults on the left as well as the right. As is common with truly fair and balanced reporting, it can lead to charges of bias from both sides from having their beliefs challenged. Despite the slightly left bias CN earns a Least Biased rating. (D. Kelley 3/25/17)

(New) Consortium News has articles that many on the right may consider left biased:

While also having articles the left won’t like:

The reporting from consortium news cites itself as trying to find the truth.  However, I would say that they do often report on things with a left leaning focus.  With articles like the above pro-minimum wage or anything regarding the environment.  I can see how some on the left would feel that articles like the above or another titled “Europe May Finally Rethink NATO Costs” can come off as right leaning. The reality is that truth has no side.  Sometimes somebody on the right is correct and somebody on the left is wrong.  The bigger issue is that the political environment of America has been moving the goal posts, of left and right, to the right for the last 30+ years.  Meaning that somebody who is “left” today may in fact have been right 20 years ago.  Consortium News has experts from various backgrounds and not just pure journalist which also helps with its reporting to keep it as centered as one can get these days.  They have articles about Hillary, Obama, Bush, and Trump all of which have negative things to say about them. They cite factual data with real sources and with minimum usage of loaded wording that you often find in other online only magazines. I would put this news source in your feed to get a more grounded perspective on many of the issues that are shaping up today. (M. Allen 6/3/17)