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Big Think - Least BiasedLEAST BIASED

These sources have minimal bias and use very few loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes).  The reporting is factual and usually sourced.  These are the most credible media sources. See all Least Biased Sources.

Factual Reporting: HIGH
Country: USA
World Press Freedom Rank: USA 48/180


Founded in 2007 by Victoria Brown and Peter Hopkins, Big Think is a web portal that features interviews, multimedia presentations, and roundtable discussions with speakers from a range of fields. Victoria Brown is the acting CEO. Peter Hopkins is the acting president of the company. 

Funded by / Ownership

The Big Think is privately owned. Some of the initial investors in the project were Peter Thiel from PayPal, Tom Scott of Nantucket Nectars, television producer Gary David Goldberg, lead investor and venture capitalist David Frankel, and former Harvard University President Lawrence Summers. Revenue is generated through advertising, sponsored content and subscriptions to the website’s E-learning platform.

Analysis / Bias

In review, The Big Think publishes interviews, videos and news that utilizes minimally loaded words such as this, U.S. birthrate hits 32-year low. Here’s why that’s not (yet) a problem. This story is appropriately sourced to credible outlets. In fact, all stories are credibly sourced and science based. Editorially, there is minimal bias as evidenced by these mixed articles related to Donald Trump. 

When reviewing this site I was torn between placing this source in Pro-Science or Least Biased, but because they do some fact checks and also touch on some political issues I felt Least Biased is more appropriate. Everything here is sourced and delivered by experts in the given fields.

A factual search reveals they have not failed a fact check.

Overall, we rate the Big Think Least Biased based on story selection that is generally pro-Science and objective. We also rate them High for factual reporting due to proper sourcing of information and a clean fact check record. (D. Van Zandt 2/18/2017) Updated (5/18/2019)


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