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Australia Government and Media


Government Type: Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Leader: Prime Minister Scott Morrison
Political Party: Liberal Party
Political Position: Center-Right / Conservative


World Press Freedom Rank: Australia 21/180 (2019)

According to Reporters without Borders, in Australia, “Investigative journalism is in danger.” According to the report “Under the very conservative prime minister, Scott Morrison, the government has abandoned any attempt to regulate the media market. The space left for demanding investigative journalism has also been reduced by the fact that independent investigative reporters and whistleblowers face draconian legislation.”

Government Influence on Media: The Government directly provides grants to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), however, it is independent of government and partisan politics. ABC provides radio, television, online and mobile services throughout metropolitan and regional Australia and overseas through ABC Australia and Radio Australia. Although ABC is supposed to maintain non-partisan reporting, they have been accused of center-left bias with connections to the Labour Party. On the other hand, the majority of media in Australia is held by two primary corporations, Nine Entertainment and Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation. Each of these corporate media providers lean right, therefore there is significant corporate influence on the media.


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