The Latest Fact Checks curated by Media Bias Fact Check 08/08/2022

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FALSE Claim by Tomi Lahren: “Biden wants to give illegals ID cards so they can start collecting American benefits.”

Politifact rating: False (Although the program is under development, there is no evidence that it is being created to allow immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally to access benefits.)

ICE proposes ID cards for immigrants at border, but not for access to benefits

Claim via Social Media: Disposable COVID-19 testing swabs that have been sterilized using ethylene oxide gas are carcinogenic and considered dangerous when used daily.

Lead Stories rating: False (No Danger)

Fact Check: COVID Test Swabs Sterilized Using Ethylene Oxide Are NOT Unsafe When Used Daily

FALSE Claim by Meme: “CDC has now classified this Monkeypox as airborne and anybody within 15 ft can catch it.” rating: False (monkeypox can spread through respiratory droplets, probably because lesions in the mouth infect saliva. But those larger droplets only travel a few feet — far short of the 15 feet claimed in the meme. So this type of infection would require extended face-to-face contact.)

Four False Claims About Monkeypox

Claim by CBN News: Carbon dioxide is not a climate heat driver; we had an ice age when the Earth had extraordinarily larger amounts of carbon dioxide; in the 1970s scientists thought we were going to have a new ice age.

Climate Feedback rating: Incorrect (As a greenhouse gas, additional carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, driven by human emissions, exerts a warming effect on the planet and has been demonstrated to be the dominant driver of modern global warming and climate change.)

Carbon dioxide emissions by humans are the major driver of modern climate change, contrary to Jerome Corsi’s claims in CBN News video

CBN Rating

Claim via Social Media: Suggests root canals are linked to breast cancer.

Politifact rating: False (Crackpot Pseudoscience)

No medical evidence that root canals cause cancer

FALSE (International: Australia): Virus variants become less severe over time.

Australian Associated Press rating: False (Mutations are chance events and there is no innate trend for virulence.)

Diminishing COVID severity claim is a strain on the facts

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