House GOP Delay Immigrations Bill Voting

By Kenneth White

House Republican Leaders face an uphill battle from all sides of the aisle as they prepare to vote on both moderate and hard-line immigration packages. As the votes are being counted in advance, it’s likely that neither bill will make it to the President’s desk. Speaker Paul Ryan called a meeting early Thursday with other Republican leaders to discuss the situation.

“I think it is a mistake that leadership is rushing this [compromise] bill to the floor today,” Rep. Raul Labrador, one of the top negotiators of the text, said before the leadership meeting was announced. “I actually think with a little bit more conversation, we could actually get to an agreement on things. Somebody suggested this today: we don’t have the White House picnic. Let’s spend those two hours in a room as Republicans talking about how we can actually get to 218 (the number of votes needed to meet a 60% majority).”

The house will have four distinct actions related to immigration today: floor debate on the conservative proposal at 11:30am EST, a vote on the bill itself at 1:30pm, and then the compromise debate and vote finishing around 5pm.

In an number of tweets this morning, President Trump did not directly push for either bill, which has irritated some GOP leadership, instead deferring to attack the US asylum system and pitching accusations at Democrats.

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