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We get so many messages asking us if Left-Center and Right-Center are trustworthy sources. The answer is YES! Sorry to yell, but we have tried and perhaps failed to indicate that bias is separate from factual reporting. A left or right biased source may link to solid facts, but they will use words to influence you before reading them, which is what we mean by loaded words. They convey a message based on emotion to set up the facts and how they want you to interpret them. For example, using a sports analogy: “The EVIL Yankees win again.” It is 100% true the Yankees won, but did they win in an evil way? Are they really evil? Are they playing outside of the rules? Of course not, but the source has put the loaded words in front of the article to make you think the Yankee have an unfair advantage. They do, they have the most money, but they still follow the same rules, so this is bias projected through words.

Back to Left-Center and Right-Center, these sources are almost always factual unless indicated. They might word things in favor of their side somewhat and they might under report the other side of the story, but they are credible. I would never hesitate to source any of our Left-Center or Right-Center sources in a debate. Of course, Least Biased should leave no question, but we just want you to know we consider all purple colors to be mostly credible and strong sources. If the color is purple in some way it is a decent source. Embrace the purple regardless of the side it is on.

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Left vs. Right Bias: How we rate the bias of media sources

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