A Few Website Updates

I wanted to give some brief updates about what is happening here at MBFC as there is a lot going on behind the scenes that needs to be known.

First, about 1 week ago Media Bias Fact Check became a Limited Liability Company (LLC). There are several reasons for this, but the number one reason is this website was in my name, which meant that if someone actually felt like suing me for libel, which they would lose, I am now protected. In other words, my family is protected and that is all that matters. Essentially, the LLC separates my home and assets from the website. This is important for a few reasons. One, if a media company ever sued me and actually won, they cannot take my house and hurt my family. Two, it allows the website to be more open and less timid about calling out fake news and/or highly biased sources. In other words, the Left and Right Wing Sources who threaten me are now threatening my company instead of me personally. This gives more freedom and hence the ability to create a better resource on the web.

Next, we have gotten well deserved criticism for not providing ample evidence for our rating claims. This is fair, as we preach evidence everyday on this site. I have been personally going through every source on the website and making sure there is supporting links where possible. It simply is not possible on some as the sources are so obscure that you cannot find anything and just have to trust our methodology. If you see something we missed let us know. Regardless, the hours invested in the last few weeks has been incredible to make sure there is evidence of some kind to support our Questionable and Left-Right bias rating claims. This process is on-going and we welcome feedback.

Third, I have been promising for many months that this website will be upgraded and a new dynamic search feature put in place. The search feature is essentially complete, but not paid for. I am currently working on and getting help for a new design that is more 21st century…Bill Palmer was right about the design, and he was also correct that independent media is more focused on their content, which we are… I have never done this before, but we need more $$$ to make this happen and to do it right. We want this site to not just look better, but to be the defining site for media bias. Help us if you can with a donation or simply spread the word about our site, which helps in other ways.

Who knew that this site, that was designed just to be a pain in the ass resource in Facebook groups, would grow to this level?  Thank you!

Dave Van Zandt
Editor/Owner MBFC

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