How to Combat Fake News

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fake-1726362_640Fake news and media bias are very hot topics.  Unfortunately, these are not new trends.  Fake news has been going viral on Social Media for years now.  In fact, this is the very reason we started MBFC News.  It started as a small Excel spreadsheet with a list of media sources and their biases.  I would often obnoxiously send the list to friends to show them the bias of their source.  Approximately one year ago I created this website based on that small list.  The list has now grown to 850+ sources.  Right now there really isn’t a simple way to check a sources bias or claims without doing the work yourself and looking it up.  Some great sites to head to are Fact Check, Snopes and Politifact.  Usually one of those sites will have checked the claim.  Of course you can also come here and look at how we rated the site.  It might not give you an answer to the specific claim, but it will give you an idea of where that source stands.  Here are a few links to help you sort through fake news.

Fact Check has a great article up on how to spot fake news.  Check it out.

Our top 10 fact checking sites.

The best advice is to read more than the headline before sharing.  Often times a sensational headline will not match the article.  Also, consider the source.  If you never heard of the source it is recommended you read the entire article and consult with one of the sources above or just visit us and see where that source stands.

Left vs. Right Bias: How we rate the bias of media sources

Governor Bias Profiles

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