Naturally Savvy

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Factual Reporting: MIXED

Notes: Naturally Savvy is a website that publishes recipes and news about organic and natural healthy living. Before I dig deeper I want to point out the positives of this website. First, they have a credible about page that describes their mission. They provide bios for their writers and they source their information. All of that is good. Naturally Savvy also provides many credible articles about nutrition that are scientifically based. While promoting organic eating is a great cause, it can also be misleading as there is very little evidence to support that not eating organically is harmful.

In review, Naturally Savvy is well sourced to mostly credible sources, however, sometimes they use strong pseudoscience sources such as Mercola. Naturally Savvy does not always support the consensus of science when it comes to GMO’s. While not overt in their dismissal of GMO’s, they work to place doubt with dubious scientific studies. Naturally Savvy does not come out and say they are anti-vaccine like many websites in the so called holistic health genre, they do however try to create doubt. Finally, Naturally Savvy is almost a pro-science source. They source well, but they really do cast doubt on some issues that are supported heavily by science. Overall, this is a very good source for recipes and nutrition information, but for hard science related to GMO and vaccines this is a mild pseudoscience source. (D. Van Zandt 12/16/2017)


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