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Update: This source is no longer online.

Reasoning: Conspiracy, Propaganda, Fake News

Where to even begin? is claiming to be a Native American non profit. A quick trip to their Facebook page, provides you that they are categorizing themselves as a “Magazine.”

Their about us is interesting as well: “We Native Americans are NGO and do not hold backgrounds and don`t support companies nor institutions in politics, medicine, weapons, drugs, any other illegal activity or science and anything read on this website should be read with an open mind and taken with a grain of salt.

We do only care in the advancement of Native American rights in the US and abroad.

If you have any request for advice, consult your professional advisers! If anything, your adviser could help guide you on the best way.
Bottom line: the information provided on this website is not a substitution for professional advice or treatment. All the material here is for information purposes only.”

What is the name of this NGO? We Native Americans? Trying to prove something is fake is a difficult thing when they go to great lengths to create Facebook pages (with followers 200k), claim they’re an NGO, and have a real website. (just an FYI to those who don’t know how they could have 200k followers, they buy them).

First, let us look at this about us on their Facebook page. I hardly expect a Native American organization to have such improper grammar. The second paragraph is also extremely questionable in that I have no idea what they are saying to us in regard to the whole first part.  Request for advice?

I enjoy googling as it allows you to go down a very interesting rabbit hole into the internet. I decided I would google that phrase and below are the results:

Do not visit the website as you will find it to be not in a language you understand and full of content you will not wish to view.

Anyway, I see that they seem to reference that exact phrase with backlinking (which is important for SEO) to the Native Americans Facebook page.    So let’s whois this

So if you’re wondering Odesskayaa or Odessa is in the Ukraine. If you’re not familiar with the Russian-Ukraine conflict these are one of the newer targeted areas by Russian loyalists/separatists trying to bring Ukraine back into the fold of Russia.

Also, I see Anatolii Benyak, interesting.  Time to google that!

I found another website by him.  Whois tells us that.  Again odd that he would leave that in there as you can private that information easily.  10/2017 was the registration date of that.

What is Chort.IN? It’s basically a giant Google analytics tags manager.  Its pulling content from YouTube for quick easy linking.  Mostly I see Bitcoin and some other crypto-currency (popular with the dark web) but it has some Russian themed videos as well.

Back to the website/facebook group of

The article that brought me there was:

Female Doctor working in Germany Warns the World.  Which is a piece that’s clearly anti-Muslim and related to the current influx of refugees in Europe.  It cites nothing until the very bottom, which links to:

Ok, so maybe they have a source for this.  I read the article.. and it cites.. well itself from 7/8/2017!

Lets whois this site.  And it’s registered in Panama. strangely so is

They also both use the exact same WordPress theme: sahifa (sorry if you use this and are a legitimate site).  They had another article at the

which has a YouTube video ( of a guy talking about another site we have reviewed before:

The YouTube is from 2016, the news article on this site is from July 2017.  Why July?  Well that’s when was registered in Panama.

To make it more complicated at the end of that article they site the source of all of this as  I cannot even view this as it’s bringing up errors, but the Whois tells me it was registered in Panama in May 2017.

The web of all of this is clear.  It’s a war you cannot win when you don’t even know where your enemy is and when your enemy has articles your neighbors want to believe are true.

As you can see how fake news and bad reporting spreads around the internet, the web it weaves and at what lengths these sites go to hide themselves from you. (M. Allen 11/27/2017)


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