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These sources consist of legitimate science or are evidence based through the use of credible scientific sourcing.  Legitimate science follows the scientific method, is unbiased and does not use emotional words.  These sources also respect the consensus of experts in the given scientific field and strive to publish peer reviewed science. Some sources in this category may have a slight political bias, but adhere to scientific principles. See all Pro-Science sources.

  • Overall, we rate NASA Pro-Science and Very High for factual reporting.

Detailed Report

Factual Reporting: VERY HIGH
Country: USA
World Press Freedom Rank: USA 45/180


Founded in 1958, The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is an independent agency of the executive branch of the United States federal government responsible for the civilian space program as well as aeronautics and aerospace research.

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Funded by / Ownership

‘NASA receives funding by the United States Government of approximately 20 billion dollars per year.

Analysis / Bias

In review, NASA provides news and information about the agency, its missions, and science-based news. There is little bias present as NASA sticks to facts. This sample headline is free of bias as are all others: NASA’s InSight ‘Hears’ Peculiar Sounds on Mars. NASA also has a website dedicated to climate change information that is evidence-based and aligned with the consensus. In general, NASA is an excellent science resource.

Overall, we rate NASA Pro-Science and Very High for factual reporting. (D. Van Zandt 11/27/2016) Updated (10/9/2019)


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