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Reasoning: Right, Propaganda

Notes: According to the Just the Facts website they “explore the environment for the embryo and foetus in the womb, its relationship with its mother, and how it develops from conception right through to birth.”

If you have come here expecting a Fact Checking website you will be disappointed. Outside of an address in Ireland the website does not disclaim their ownership or names affiliated with this group.

In review, Just the Facts promotes that human life begins at conception. Obviously, if cells are dividing it is alive and no one would dispute that. The website emphasizes repeatedly this fact and is detailed in describing Foetal pain. Essentially, this is an anti-abortion website that never mentions abortion. While most of the science on the website is accurate and linked to credible medical journals and text books, there is also use of sources that are highly discredited such as the The American College of Pediatricians, which has been labeled a hate group due to anti-LGBTQ positions. Further, Just The Facts is listed as a resource on pro-life organization pages. Overall, we rate Just the Facts questionable based on use of a source that has been discredited in the scientific community and listed as a hate group. (D. Van Zandt 1/23/2018)


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