China Media Profile

China Government and Media


Government Type: Communist Party-Led State
Leader: President Xi Jinping
Political Party: The Chinese Communist Party
Political Position: Authoritarian Socialism


World Press Freedom Rank: China 177/180 (2019)

According to Reporters without Borders, in China, there is “Even Tighter Control” of the media. The report indicates that “By relying on the massive use of new technology, President Xi Jinping has succeeded in imposing a social model in China based on control of news and information and online surveillance of its citizens.”

Government Influence on Media: The media is strictly controlled in China through the Chinese Communist Party. The New York Times Reports, that during his visit to the headquarters of the state broadcaster China Central Television, President Xi Jinping told “All news media run by the party must work to speak for the party’s will and its propositions, and protect the party’s authority and unity”. The Government (Chinese Communist Party) regulates the media through the broadcasting watchdog, National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) (formerly SARFT), which advises on the type of programs to be aired. According to GBTimes they also impose “regulations on foreigners and overseas programmes.” Next, media is regulated through the General Administration of Press and Publications (GAPP), which is an agency that supervises media and regulates media outlets by controlling licensing and regulating news content. The General Administration of Press and Publication works under the direction of the Publicity Department, which according to the Federation of American Scientists is also called The Propaganda Department. Further, the state controlled Xinhua News Agency which is controlled by the Communist Party, produces the majority of news content for newspapers.

In summary, the media of China is essentially 100% controlled by the Chinese government.


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