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These sources consist of legitimate science or are evidence-based through credible scientific sourcing. Legitimate science follows the scientific method, is unbiased, and does not use emotional words. These sources also respect the consensus of experts in the given scientific field and strive to publish peer-reviewed science. Some sources may have a slight political bias but adhere to scientific principles. See all Pro-Science sources.

  • Overall, AAAS is a Pro-Science source that promotes the consensus in all matters.

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Bias Rating: PRO-SCIENCE
Factual Reporting: VERY HIGH
Country: USA
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Founded in 1848, The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) is an American international non-profit organization with the stated goals of promoting cooperation among scientists, defending scientific freedom, encouraging scientific responsibility, and supporting scientific education and science outreach for the betterment of all humanity. It is the world’s largest general scientific society, with over 120,000 members, and is the publisher of the well-known scientific journal Science.

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Funded by / Ownership

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) is a nonprofit organization funded through donations and membership fees.

Analysis / Bias

In review, AAAS publishes six peer-reviewed journals. Science, the premier global science weekly; Science Signaling, the leading journal of cell signaling and regulatory biology; Science Translational Medicine, integrating medicine, engineering, and science to promote human health; Science Advances, an innovative and high-quality open-access journal for all the sciences; Science Immunology, research articles that report critical advances in all areas of immunological research, including important new tools and techniques; and Science Robotics, original, peer-reviewed, science- or engineering-based research articles that advance the field of robotics.

AAAS always supports the consensus of science. For example, in 2006, they wrote, “The scientific evidence is clear: global climate change caused by human activities is occurring now, and it is a growing threat to society…The pace of change and the evidence of harm have increased markedly over the last five years. The time to control greenhouse gas emissions is now.”

Failed Fact Checks

  • None in the Last 5 years

Overall, AAAS is a Pro-Science source that promotes the consensus in all matters. (D. Van Zandt 10/5/2016) Updated (10/27/2023)


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