The Latest Fact Checks curated by Media Bias Fact Check 10/11/2023 (Blatant Lies – Israel/Hamas Editon)

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Claim by Viral image: Video shows Hamas “paraglided amongst Israeli citizens and proceeded to massacre them.”

PolitiFact rating: False (The video was previously described by a YouTube account that posted it as showing paragliders in Egypt.)

Video that predates Hamas October 2023 attack mischaracterized amid violence

Claim via Social Media: This video shows Israel blowing up a mosque in Gaza.

The Quint rating: False (Old footage from Syria)

Fact-Check: Old Video of Mosque Being Attacked in Syria Shared as One From Gaza

Claim by Viral Post: A post on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, allegedly shows a release by the White House stating President Joe Biden had signed off on a $8 billion memorandum for emergency military aid to Israel.

Check Your Fact rating: False (The National Security Council and the State Department confirmed that Biden had not approved $8 billion in military aid.)

FACT CHECK: Did Joe Biden Provide $8 Billion In Military Aid To Israel After Hamas Attack?

Claim via Social Media: Hamas claims that Ukraine sold them the weapons, purportedly paid for by the United States, that they used to attack Israel.

Lead Stories rating: False (Hamas did not claim that.)

Fact Check: Hamas Did NOT Claim Ukraine Sold Them Weapons Used To Attack Israel In October 2023

Claim by Viral Video: A video shared on Facebook claims to show Israeli children in cages after being captured by Hamas.

Check Your Fact rating: False (Old video)

FACT CHECK: Video Claiming To Show Israeli Kids In Cages Predates Hamas Attack

(International: Israel): A video shows Israeli helicopters being shot down over Gaza.

Full Fact rating: False (This footage is not real; it is from a video game called Arma 3.)

Footage of helicopters being shot down is from a video game, not Gaza – Full Fact

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