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Claim by Bernie Sanders (I): In the first three quarters of 2022, “the railroad industry made $21 billion in profits, provided $25 billion in stock buybacks and dividends” and CEOs are paid up to $20 million a year, while railroad workers have “zero guaranteed sick leave.”

Politifact rating: Mostly True (In the first nine months of 2022, the nation’s seven major railroad companies earned $21 billion in profits and spent $25 billion on stock buybacks and dividends. One railroad CEO received $20 million in total compensation in 2021. The vast majority of the seven major railroads’ employees don’t have paid sick days.)

Bernie Sanders largely correct in claim about railroad profits, no paid sick days for workers

Claim via Social Media: Katie Hobbs Censored Tweets Against Kari Lake.

Lead Stories rating: False (No Connection – The tweets that were flagged had nothing to do with the 2022 gubernatorial election or Hobbs’ later opponent in the race for governor, Kari Lake. Neither Hobbs nor Lake had declared their candidacies for governor of Arizona when the Secretary of State’s office sent its request.)

Fact Check: Katie Hobbs Did NOT Contact Twitter To Have Posts Removed To Censor Political Opponents

Claim by Viral image: Marjorie Taylor Greene quoted Adolf Hitler on Christianity.

PolitiFact rating: False (no evidence that Marjorie Taylor Greene in 2022 made the same statement as Adolf Hitler in 1928. Her spokesperson has said the claim is false.)

No evidence that Marjorie Taylor Greene repeated Hitler quote about Christianity

TRUE Claim via Conservative Media Outlets (Fox News, Daily Mail, et al): A children’s book in an American Girl-branded series of self-help guides presents puberty blockers as a potential way to “give you more time to think about your gender identity.” rating: True (Correct Attribution)

Does American Girl Book Say Puberty Blockers ‘Give You Time To Think’ About Gender Identity?

FALSE Claim by Paul Gosar (R): The law prohibits current Secretary of State Katie Hobbs from overseeing the election while she was a candidate for governor.

Politifact rating: False (Arizona law bars candidates from serving as poll workers. Secretaries of state and poll workers play fundamentally different roles in elections, and no law bars a secretary of state from running for any office.)

No, the law didn’t bar Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs from running for governor

FALSE (International: Switzerland): Switzerland is banning Electric Cars due to their excessive energy use

Lead Stories rating: False (No Ban)

Fact Check: Switzerland Did NOT Ban ‘Electric Cars Due To Their Excessive Energy Use’ On December 7, 2022

Disclaimer: We are providing links to fact-checks by third-party fact-checkers. If you do not agree with a fact check, please directly contact the source of that fact check.

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