Musk: Twitter to create new council before “major content decisions”

Twitter will develop a “content moderation council” before making any “major content decisions or account reinstatements,” Elon Musk tweeted Friday.

Musk on Thursday completed his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter, which already has a group focusing on content moderation.

All eyes are on how Twitter will handle free speech and content moving forward with Musk at the helm.

Musk said that the new council will have “widely diverse viewpoints.”

Musk did not mention additional specifics, including potential council members or a timetable for its creation. Oversight Board, a body that makes content moderation decisions for Facebook and Instagram, said in a Twitter response that it welcomes the opportunity to discuss the platform’s plans.”Independent oversight of content moderation has a vital role to play in building trust in platforms and ensuring users are treated fairly,” Oversight Board said in the tweet. “This is a model we have been proving since 2020.”The big picture: Marketers are concerned about how Musk will handle content moderation on the platform since he has often suggested being free-speech first, the Wall Street Journal reports. There’s concern this could lead to hateful speech and misinformation.

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